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Where Bear Canisters are Mandatory in the US Parks & Forest
Carrying a bear canister is something that backpackers have to do in many US National Parks and most areas of the California Sierra. Here is the most current information (as of March 2017) on where bear-resistant containers are required, what type, and when. ...read more

Muir Trail Ranch Resupply
Reader Question: We will be hiking the John Muir Trail this summer and would like for you to send a resupply to Muir Trail Ranch. Is it possible for Outdoor Herbivore to ship food to the ranch? As I’m sure you’re aware, they require packages to be packed in a plastic bucket, are you able to ...read more

Bee Better
After thoughtful consideration, we’ve decided to discontinue Bee Good Couscous for 2017. This product contains bee pollen, which comes from the pollen of plants collected by honeybees. Honeybees have been dying off in record number for more than a decade because of human interference. In good consciousness, we will no longer purchase products coming from bees. ...read more

Turmeric + Ginger + Cranberry: A Powerful Fusion
Food calories equate to more than energy, some contain powerful healing properties. Here we highlight three such foods: 1. Turmeric Turmeric contains curcumin, which is notable for its ability to reduce joint and muscle pain. It works much the same as an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen. Turmeric also shows positive results ...read more

International Travel: Backpacking Gear and U.S. Customs
If you are planning to travel to the United States to go backpacking, you might be wondering what items you can bring with you. We’ll cover what backpacking gear is permitted in your carry-on and checked luggage so you can quickly get through U.S. customs without a problem. Backpacking Food & U.S. Customs Generally, the ...read more

Planning Your Backpacking Meals
Planning a backpacking trip and not sure what to eat? Find the best backpacking food to sustain you with these tips. ...read more

Outdoor Herbivore Gift Options
Trying to find a useful gift for that special someone that spends time on the trail? Outdoor Herbivore’s one-pot meals are the perfect option for backpackers, touring cyclists, paddlers, campers, and travel. With a shelf life of one to two years, these meals are perfect for storing until your next trip. Gift Options Outdoor Herbivore has ...read more

Turkey Talk and Thanking a Vegetarian this Thanksgiving
When Wild Turkey numbers dwindled in the twentieth century from hunting and habitat loss, various states, such as California, adopted programs to reintroduce them. These programs have saved them from extinction. Today, wild turkey populations have recovered throughout the United States. Here in Northern California, wild turkeys are a daily occurrence. You’ll find them roaming ...read more

Free Shipping Now in the U.S.
Backpacking slows down in November and December in the U.S. as society shifts its focus to consumerism and holiday gatherings. While the roads, airports, and stores confine with people, the trails become empty and quiet. There is no better time than now to regain your equilibrium in the wilderness. To make it easier for you to escape ...read more

10 Steps to Restful Sleep in the Backcountry
Getting good sleep in the backcountry can be a challenge and bad sleep does not make hiking enjoyable the next day. Here we offer a few tips to help you get better zzz’s. Find a Comfortable Camp Site. Take your time scouting a flat, rock-free spot and clear away any sticks and pine cones before pitching your ...read more