Hemp Sprout Bag

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This hemp sprout bag provides an excellent mix of air circulation, light, and drainage to keep sprouts moist without molding. Unlike other sprouting mechanisms, Outdoor Herbivore's sprout bag is made from 100% Hemp fabric. Also includes an ultralight carabiner to easily hang to your backpack. The sprout bag can be closed by gently pulling on the drawstring.

  • Custom webbed hemp fabric to accommodate the perfect mix of air circulation, light & drainage, keeping sprouts moist without molding.  
  • Comes with an ultralight carabiner to hang onto your pack. This allows the sprouts to be exposed to light while you hike. No need to dig through all your gear to tend to your garden.
  • Chemical-free fabric is unbleached & undyed for your safety & the environment.
  • Durable and Ultra-lightweight (weighs 1 ounce with the included carabiner).
  • All bags are hand-sewn in Ohio, USA.
  • The bag measures approximately 6 inches by 8 inches.

Why Hemp? Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making it perfectly suited for outdoor travel.  

What can you sprout in the hemp bag? The fabric is woven tightly enough to sprout tiny seeds, such as alfalfa and clover. It can also be used for Lentils, Beans, Grains, and Greens. Commonly used for sprouting Aflalfa, Clover, Broccoli, Radish, Adzuki, Mung, Garbazno, Green Pea, and Sunflower.

Hemp Fabric is considered one of the most sustainable plants on earth because it can grow very quickly with little water, and requires no pesticides or herbicides.  The plant is naturally insect resistant and can be planted densely in low light conditions, reducing the chance for weeds to grow. Hemp fiber is stronger, more absorbent and provides more insulation over cotton fiber. It has been called a carbon negative raw material.

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