Snack Sampler

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  • Cocoa Nutty Chomps
  • Hillcrest Harvest Mix
  • Chili Lime Crunchies


A sample of 3 snacks for the trail - Hillcrest Harvest Mix, Cocoa Nutty Chomps, and Chili Lime Crunchies. 

Hillcrest Harvest Mix  A flavorful combination of crisp pecan pralines, organic pumpkin seed, chewy organic persimmons, apples, and cranberries. This flavorful trail snack is sure to propel you up the next hill and leave your taste buds delighted. 4oz. (113g) and 520 kcal (2176 kJ). 
Cocoa Nutty Chomps - Plantain chips dusted with organic fair trade dark cocoa, roasted peanut flour, cane sugar, a touch of coconut oil and sea salt. 6oz. (170g) and 860 kcal (3598 kJ).
Chili Lime Crunchies - A mouth-watering combination of organic crunchy green peas, sweet corn, and tomato flakes are marinated in chili lime, resulting in extraordinary flavor. 2.0 oz. (57g) and 200 kcal (837 kJ).

Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegans

Total: Weight is 12 oz and 1580 Calories.

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