Backpacking Tips

Basic Backcountry Skills

A selection of basic knowledge to help you become a better wilderness traveler. For instance, learning basic knots can secure gear and save a life. 

How to Use Nature to Forecast Weather
How to Reduce Your Chances of a Lightning Strike
4 Knots You Should Know
How to Estimate Distance with your Thumb

Navigation Tips

Avoid getting lost by understanding how to navigate without electronic devices. You never know when you might need it.
Using the Sun to Navigate
Using the Moon to Navigate
How to Follow a Map Without GPS 

Avoiding Injury & Illness

Why you should always treat wilderness water and how to recognize poisonous flora and fauna. 
Water Purification  
Venomous Snakes in the United States
Venomous Spiders in the United States
The Black Legged Tick
Effective Mosquito Repellents
Poisonous Plants in the United States
Don't Eat this Berry!
How to Identify Common Berries found on Hiking Trails in the United States

Hiking in the Cold & Heat

Tips for staying warm in the winter and hiking in the extreme heat. 
Cold Weather Backpacking Tips 
Hot Weather Backpacking Tips