Outdoor Herbivore will have minimal staffing through October 11th. Please allow up to 2 business days to process your order during this time. We appreciate your support.

Wholesale Request

Outdoor Herbivore is available for direct shipment to brick and mortar stores by the case. A case includes six packages of our Hungry Single (Serves 1 - 2) product size, our most popular size. 


Outdoor Herbivore produces and packs dehydrated and freeze-dried meals in Sacramento, CA. We use natural, whole food ingredients. All of our products are vegetarian, and most of our ingredients are organically grown in the USA. Meals are produced in small-batches and packed in waterproof and heat-safe packaging to allow for rehydration. 

These tasty dried meals are simple to prepare on the trail, at home, or the office. To prepare, simply add water to the pouch, allow the meal to hydrate, and enjoy a healthy meal within 10 minutes.


Outdoor Herbivore products appeal to many consumers that desire a quick, healthy meal. Our customers include those with food allergies or restricted diets, outdoor recreationists (backpackers, hikers, paddlers, cyclists, sailors, campers), yogis, armed forces, vegetarian and non-vegetarian office workers, busy parents and college students. Our products are appropriate for outdoor stores, camp stores, specialty food stores, natural food stores, yoga retreats, holistic offices, scout troops, military personnel, and more.

Outdoor Herbivore at your Store


  • You must operate a physical store; online retailers are excluded.
  • Minimum Order: $200 First Order; $100 Reorder
  • Orders are prepaid with a credit card
  • Lead Time: 7 - 14 days 
  • Shipping cost is calculated on a per order basis based on weight. Ownership is transferred from seller to buyer after exit of our Sacramento facility. 
  • Demo support is available to retailers located within 50 miles of Sacramento.


Interested in carrying Outdoor Herbivore products? To learn more about selling Outdoor Herbivore at your location, please complete the following form. We'll be in touch soon with our wholesale pricing and terms.

Thank you for your interest in Outdoor Herbivore!