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We would love to hear from you! We are constantly improving our products and appreciate the feedback you give us, both good and bad. There are a few ways you can give us feedback:

  • Review products that you have purchased (look for our email, approx 20 days after you place an order)
  • Tell us what you would like to see in the future by taking our survey Trail Food of the Future
  • Contact us directly by email or phone

Where can I see Outdoor Herbivore food reviews?

1. On our website by clicking the product name.

Outdoor Herbivore Product Website Reviews

2. The product reviews on Outdoor Herbivore's Facebook page. 

Facebook Reviews Outdoor Herbivore

Facebook Product Reviews for Outdoor Herbivore

3. Outdoor Herbivore's Google customer reviews.


Google Customer Reviews Outdoor Herbivore

Google Customer Reviews Outdoor Herbivore