Packaging | Meal Sizing

Most of Outdoor Herbivore's meals are available in two sizes - Single and Double. 

1) Hungry Single (serves 1) is a generous individual size serving. The prepared portion generally makes 1½ cups of food, about 50% larger than other "single" size commercial camp meals. This size is appropriate for most active adults engaging in moderate to strenuous activity. 

Single meal pouches measure approximately 7L x 7W inches with an expandable bottom up to 3.75 inches. Our machines squeeze out as much air as possible during sealing, and the meals should arrive with a depth of 1 inch or less. 

2) Hungry Double (serves 2) is our large portion double meal size. It is precisely double the Hungry Single size, and the prepared amount generally makes 3 cups of food. It will feed two adults engaging in moderate to strenuous activity. An excellent option for most couples, one adult and a child, or one adult with a voracious appetite. 

Double meal pouches measure approximately 7L x 8W inches with an expandable bottom up to 4 inches. Although our machines squeeze out as much air as possible during sealing, these will arrive with a depth around 3 inches. The double meals are more bulky given the larger amount of food inside.

Eco-Friendlier Packaging 

Outdoor Herbivore's meals are packed in heat-safe and waterproof expandable pouches. You can add boiling water/cold water to rehydrate meals inside the pouch. For hikers that prefer to use actual dishes and utensils for eating, you can still opt to use a separate container and prepare meals outside of the pouch. Our packaging is functional, compact, and uses minimal plastic (mostly paper-based with a thin plastic inner liner). 

Outdoor Herbivore Packaging Size

 Example of Apple Quinoa Oatmeal Prepared in Dish or Included Pouch

How Outdoor Herbivore Meals are Packaged and Prepared

Bulk Ingredients and Meals

We carry bulk ingredients; see our bulk section. Buying in bulk is the perfect option for thru-hikers and groups looking to save money or keep food aside for later use. Our bulk meals and ingredients are packed in gusseted metalized barrier bags with a zipper to allow you to reseal. The bulk package size will vary depending on the product. 



Bulk meals are limited. Most entrees are unsuitable for bulk packing because powdered ingredients such as spices separate from the grains and sink to the bottom.



We also sell high-temperature pouches for storing dry food and rehydrating with boiling water. These short and waterproof stand-up pouches are made explicitly for backpackers needing a DIY storage and rehydration pouch approved for high heat.


bulk packaging example


We know backpacking meals are expensive, especially those made with organic and less processed ingredients. We spend less on marketing, social media, and glitzy packaging to make them more affordable for you. Instead, we focus on producing higher-quality backpacking food with appropriate portions. Cheers to eating well on the trail!