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Whether you are hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide, John Muir Trail, Mountains to Sea, or a lesser traveled trail, we can supply you with backpacking food. 

Planning & Ordering Your Food

There are several methods hikers use for planning food resupply. Either way, it will require that you plan ahead of your hike.

1. Order food as you hike 

Place your order from our website as you are hiking and have it shipped to your resupply stop. To make this process easier, our website allows you to create and store multiple shipping addresses ahead of time. You will need to create a login to do this. When you are ready to place the order, you can select the shipping destination from your saved address list. Once you figure out your pace while hiking, it will get easier to gauge your resupply needs/stops to plan your orders. This is the method we recommend since it offers the most flexibility, and you will not be stuck with extra food if you don't finish your hike.

2. Order food ahead of your hike

You can place a bulk order ahead of your hike and organize your resupply at home. Most hikers will group items in various pre-addressed shipping boxes for each planned stop, and have the boxes shipped to them by someone back home. This requires the most amount of planning and expense upfront. However, many thru-hikers plan this way. It allows you to mix various items together as needed, such as snacks and toiletries.

Another option is to place individual orders ahead of your hike and have us hold your order and ship according to your schedule. This will require placing individual orders for each separate shipping destination along with your expected ETA (add this in the comments field when you place the order). We'll use your ETA to schedule your order, so it arrives at your destination when you need it. This works out well if 1) you do not have a reliable person to ship orders to you or 2) you do not live in the United States. Your food will be fresher since it is not sitting in storage. This also saves you more money on shipping since commercial rates offer you lower shipping.

Resupply Information

Resupply points are constantly changing as business' move, close, or no longer hold hiker boxes. Outdoor Herbivore does not maintain a list of resupply locations; however, we have compiled some excellent outside sources for this information. While these sites offer good information, always reference the most recent guidebook for the most up-to-date information, and always check with businesses along the trail to ensure they are still open and accept package holds. 

Pacific Crest Trail Resupply

Post Offices & Business locations along the PCT 

Halfmile’s PCT map website contains up-to-date maps, resupply options & notes along the PCT. He works with the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) to keep these maps up-to-date each year.

Craig’s PCT Planner allows you to input daily mileage goals and choose resupply locations based on that. The most common resupply locations are loaded by default and the many other options can be turned on and off. Craig’s PCT Planner uses the Wilderness Press guidebook data for the trail.

Planyourhike maintains mailing addresses and contact information for 101 PCT resupply locations.


Postholer has maps of the various long distance trails and resupply points with extensive information on the PCT and Colorado Trail.

John Muir Trail Resupply

JMT.org maintains a list of places along the JMT that will hold your resupply packages. Several of these businesses charge a fee for the service. 

Appalachian Trail Resupply

Post Offices along the AT

There are many online resources available to help you plan resupply points along the Appalachian trail. While AT focused, WhiteBlaze.net is an excellent resource for just about everything related to thru-hiking. 

Continental Divide Trail Resupply

Post Offices along the CDT

A quick and dirty guide for planning a hike on the CDT

How to Address Thru Hiker Packages

For more information about how to address your order for package holds, or have it shipped to a thru-hiker, see shipping food to thru hikers.

Discount for Large Orders

Some hikers prefer to order food in bulk before starting a long distance hike. Keep in mind that bulk purchasers shipping within the continental U.S. will enjoy FREE GROUND SHIPPING for orders totaling $199 or more. Orders will automatically be discounted during checkout. 

Please call or email if you need assistance with planning your food menu, or will be purchasing a large order on behalf of an outdoor organization, such as the Boy Scouts.

We specialize in shipping food to Thru Hikers 

If the thought of consuming processed rice and noodle meals, sugary snacks, energy bars, and other junk foods for the duration of your outdoor trip concerns you, then you have come to the right place. 

Outdoor Herbivore is your alternative to the commercial, chemically-processed trail foods. Each dish we offer is perfected on the trail, by long distance backpackers passionate about food, health, animal welfare, and the environment.

What can you expect from Outdoor Herbivore?

Healthy, high-calorie meals. Our meals contain minimally processed fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes to provide a carb-protein-fat combination that will deliver a sustained energy release so that you won't feel dull and sluggish. All ingredients are 100% vegetarian. No artificial ingredients. Most ingredients are organic. Gluten-free options are also available.

Easy & Fast Meal Preparation. All ingredients are dried. Just add the packaging contents to boiling water or cold water to hydrate. All meals are ready to eat in less than 15 minutes.

Varied Flavors – because everyone’s tastes are different. We use various spices and herbs to impart tasty, distinct flavors instead of the standard salt & pepper seasoning. 

Eco-Friendlier Packaging. Our packaging is not fancy. Our objective is to minimize plastic packaging and make it easier to pack inside a backpack. We use light weight "pouchless" packaging for our products to save on weight, waste, space and cost. This packaging is not suited for adding boiling water and consuming from. You can purchase reusable heavy weight reclosable bags for this purpose, although we recommend using utensils and dishes instead. 

Light Weight. We've achieved incredible weight and size reduction by using a combination of high quality dehydrated and freeze-dried whole food ingredients. Once the food is soaked and/or cooked the portions are 1-3X their dried size. You can find the meal weight listed on the product details page. 

Made by Backpackers. As vegetarian long distance backpackers, we understand the challenges in consuming enough calories to meet energy needs. Our meals are sure to satisfy your hunger and replenish your energy. Let us supply your meals for your next long distance hiking trip!