What's new at Outdoor Herbivore? If you are looking to taste something different in your backpacking food, you are in luck! Here is a look at our latest offerings.

Bulk Chickpea Flakes (Instant)

Cooked and dried chickpea flakes are delicious when added to rice, pasta, or soups. No added seasonings besides salt. One 16 oz packages makes 5+ cups of cooked chickpeas or 11 servings of prepared beans.

chickpea flakes


Sequoia Subji Upma

You told us how much you love our veggie savory breakfast meals, like Sunrise Tofu Scramble and Denver Veggie Scramble. This year we introduce a vegetable upma inspired from the cuisine of South India. Our version is made from ground organic semolina and millet paired with freeze-dried veggies and spices. This one is for the adventurous palate 'cause it's lively and colorful. 

Vegetable Upma


Classic Powdered Hummus Mix Bulk

New by customer request! This bulk pouch of classic chickpea hummus has a touch of lemon and garlic. Perfect for using in recipes or as a dip for tortilla & chopped veggies. Just scoop out what you need, add water to the hummus mix, and enjoy. Top with olive oil, if desired (olive oil is not included). Packaged in a barrier proof reclosable pouch so you can make as much as you need and store the rest. One pouch makes 4+ cups of prepared hummus. Vegan. Gluten Free.

Instant Dried Hummus Mix



Spicy Vegan Squeezy

By request, we now have a non-dairy spicy vegan cheese squeeze. To make a dip, you simply add  water to the included packet, seal shut, knead/shake, and squeeze. Serve with chips/crackers for a quick snack or use as a topping for a burrito/taco. We LOVE this cheese sauce with Naked Freckle Burrito or added to our Pinto Beans for a chip dip or taco.

Spicy Vegan Cheese Packet


Blueberry Vanilla Crunch (Revised)

This popular cereal is now made with instant coconut-oat milk blend instead of soy milk. Whole grain oats, brown rice clusters, blueberries, and a touch of vanilla. Just add water (hot or cold) to pouch and dig in. Packed with flavor, crunch, and calories. Vegan. Gluten Free.




Highly Soluble Instant Organic Dark Roast Coffee Packet

The instant coffee sticks are great for making a small cup of joe on the trail, but if you are like us, you might need a few sticks to get you going in the morning. Or, maybe you prefer to brew a large pot of coffee so you can sip and savor the scenery around you. We created a packet that makes 14 cups of premium dark roast coffee. Packed in a resealable foil pouch, it can last a week on the trail and won't permeate coffee scent to your gear. It's highly soluble, so it mixes instantly in hot or cold water.


Penne-demic Marinara

When you want to forget the current state of the world, get to the trail and treat yourself to a hot and comforting pasta meal. This meal is a new variant of a familiar dish that features a hearty Italian herb tomato marinara and lentils with penne pasta. Vegan (unless you add the optional Parmesan Packet).

pennedemic marinara

Bulk Items

Do you enjoy assembling you own trail meals? Our cooked and dried items will save you time and money. Purchase easy to find ingredients, such as noodles, rice, and tortilla at the grocery store and flavor it with other bulk items and sauces. We're continually expanding our line of bulk organic freeze dried and dehydrated ingredients to include popular items that are not easy to find. More items will be added based on inquires. If you are looking for something specific, please let us know.