[updated Nov 2023]

What's new at Outdoor Herbivore?

If you are looking to taste something different in your backpacking food, you are in luck! Here is a look at our latest offerings:


Backpack Chili Mac (No Carne)

This meatless chunky chili mac features pasta with mixed beans, peppers, and spicy chili seasonings in a tomato cheese sauce. This dish is warming and filling.



Happy Fella Pestobella

Portabella mushrooms in a creamy basil walnut pesto sauce served with penne pasta. Vegan.

mushroom pesto backpacking meal


Mojo Mango Bowl

This Cuban-inspired bowl is bright and warming. Features cabbage, black beans, crisped quinoa, and mango chunks marinated in a citrus Mojo sauce. Enjoy cold or hot. ¡Buen Provecho! Vegan. Gluten Free.

Mojo Mango Bowl

Outdoor Herbivore's trail sprout kit is back! The kit includes one hemp sprout bag with a drawstring closure, an ultralight carabiner for hanging to your backpack, one 6 oz packet of trail salad seed mix, and trail sprouting instructions. The kit includes everything you need to grow sprouts while hiking or traveling.  

Trail Sprout Kit


Cozy Curry Soup

Instant curry soup mix with chickpeas, lentils, rice and mixed vegetables. This soup will warm you up and keep you cozy when the temperatures drop. Makes 1.5 cups per serving. Vegan. Gluten Free.

Curry Lentil Chickpea Soup Instant

Insulated Cozy

These insulated cozies are custom-designed to keep backpacking meals hot and prevent meals from "undercooking" during cold and windy conditions or at higher elevations. This cozy will keep your meal 17% hotter on average when used with a standard backpacking food pouch and 30% hotter with standard freezer bags.



Bulk Everyday Vegetable Mix

Our freeze-dried everyday mixed vegetables are a flavorful assortment of green peas, diced carrots, sweet corn, green beans, and chopped white onion. Enhance the texture and flavor of nearly any trail meals with these colorful and nutrient-rich veggies! This 8 oz package makes 4 cups of prepared vegetables.



Bulk Dehydrated Spaghetti Sauce

Our dehydrated tomato pasta sauce is made with simmered tomatoes, vegetables, lentils, and herbs. Use this tomato sauce with your favorite pasta. One package makes about 8 cups of prepared tomato pasta sauce.



Bulk Dried Onion & Bell Pepper Mix

Dehydrated organic white onion and diced organic green and red bell pepper mix. The perfect base for trail recipes, including soups, rice, and pasta meals. This 7 oz. package contains 3 cups of dried onion and bell pepper mix which is equivalent to 4+ cups fresh.


Bulk Chopped Tomatoes

Dried chopped organic red tomatoes add robust flavor to soups, pasta, rice and other meals.One 6 oz package is equivalent to 4 cups of fresh tomato.

dried organic red tomato


Bulk Chickpea Flakes (Instant)

Cooked and dried chickpea flakes are delicious when added to rice, pasta, or soups. No added seasonings besides salt. One 16 oz packages makes 5+ cups of cooked chickpeas or 11 servings of prepared beans.

chickpea flakes


Sequoia Subji Upma

You told us how much you love our veggie savory breakfast meals, like Sunrise Tofu Scramble and Denver Veggie Scramble. This year we introduce a vegetable upma inspired from the cuisine of South India. Our version is made from ground organic semolina and millet paired with freeze-dried veggies and spices. This one is for the adventurous palate 'cause it's lively and colorful. 

Vegetable Upma

Spicy Vegan Squeezy

By request, we now have a non-dairy spicy vegan cheese squeeze. To make a dip, you simply add  water to the included packet, seal shut, knead/shake, and squeeze. Serve with chips/crackers for a quick snack or use as a topping for a burrito/taco. We LOVE this cheese sauce with Naked Freckle Burrito or added to our Pinto Beans for a chip dip or taco.




Waste Reduction


We are reducing packaging on a few more of our products. For instance, Hop Pea Slop, Lemony Herb Quinoa Salad, Open Sky Yasai, Pacific Crest Vinaigrette, and Pesto Herbilicous will no longer contain an inner plastic bag of the salad mix with an olive oil packet. All ingredients will now be inside the pouch, ready to rehydrate when opened.


less waste in 2023 at Outdoor Herbivore

The Advantages:

  1. Fewer steps - just open, remove the oxygen packet, and hydrate.
  2. Less mess - the olive oil packets can't burst and leak and make a mess.
  3. Less packaging - eliminates the dry mix packet and olive oil packet.
  4. Lowers cost - fewer production steps means more favorable prices for you.

The Disadvantages:

  1. You'll need to scoop out the small oxygen absorber packet from the food.
  2. You can't skip the oil if you're on an oil-free diet.