Oxygen Absorbers

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  • oxygen absorbers for backpacking food - 100 CC pack of 100
  • oxygen absorbers for dried foods pack of 100
  • oxygen absorber for backpacking food
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New! By request, we're now offering food-grade oxygen absorbers from our supplier. Oxygen absorbers extend the shelf life of your backpacking meals and DIY dried foods. This sealed pouch contains 100 food-grade 100cc oxygen absorber sachets with a freshness monitor. These non-toxic packets contain a mixture of natural compounds that are activated to remove oxygen once placed in a sealed pouch or mason jar. Oxygen absorbers help combat food waste by creating an oxygen-free environment that extends the quality, flavor, and freshness of stored dehydrated and freeze-dried food.

Benefits of Oxygen Absorbers:

  • Extends the shelf life and freshness of dried foods, including fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, trail mix, pasta, jerky, cereals, rice, spices, soup mixes, milk powders, and beans.
  • Slows the oxidation of oils and fats in foods, spice oleoresins in seasonings, and anthocyanins (red pigment) found in most berries.
  • Prevents the oxidation of vitamins A, C and E.
  • Delays the darkening and browning of most fruits and vegetables.
  • Prevents the growth of pests from eggs or larvae, which may be present in uncooked grains.

How to use oxygen absorbers:

  • Choose the correct size of oxygen absorbers. The absorber size will depend on the volume of the storage container. These 100CC absorbers work well in our rehydration pouches, and 1-quart mason jars/myler bags (if mostly packed full).
  • These oxygen absorbers are for dried food storage. Place the absorber in the packaging with your food and then seal it. The absorber is self-reacting and will start to react with the oxygen in the packaging and reduce it to less than 1%. Deoxidation will be complete within 72 hours.
  • Oxygen absorbers have a short handling time and should not be exposed to the open air for more than 1 hour, otherwise they won't be effective for the next use.
  • Seal unused oxygen absorbers in the original package within 1 hour of opening for best results. Squeeze out any air from the package before sealing. The quality indicator should remain in the package to monitor effectiveness. A pink color means it's still effective.
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