Outdoor Herbivore: Vegetarian Meals for Backpacking, Camping, and Outdoor Adventure

Kim Backpacking Food California

I’m Kim, and I love to be OUTSIDE and to EAT.

I started Outdoor Herbivore in 2010 to address the lack of wholesome backpacking foods on the market. My aim for creating Outdoor Herbivore was simple - to produce dried meals using organic, whole food ingredients.

As a vegetarian passionate about animal welfare and the environment, all products are 100% vegetarian (many vegan) and are free of additives such as artificial colors, synthetic flavors, chemical enhancers, and other bad stuff. 

Outdoor Herbivore is located in sunny Sacramento, CA. Luckily, this business gives me a reason to hike and eat! Most of our product testing takes place near home in the wilderness areas of Eldorado and Tahoe National Forest.

Speaking of home, it is crucial that our food production is local, within the United States. Although some backpacking food brands have domestic operations, the food preparation often takes place elsewhere. When I started this business, I was disappointed to learn that most dried food ingredients are imported from faraway places like China.

Keeping as much as the food production local (ingredients & process) is extremely important to me, and I am committed to keeping it that way. For this reason, Outdoor Herbivore discloses where ingredients originate. 

I also believe in supporting organic food production because this practice aligns with my view of treating mother earth responsibly and sustainably.

Click here to read more about the food model we follow.

Who we are for

Most of our customers are backpackers, including weekend hikers, section hikers, thru-hikers, and bikepackers. A few of our customers live off the grid in isolated locations on land or at sea. Others include office workers and college students that want a quick meal.

Whether you want healthy and quick meals at home, the office, or to take along for outdoor activities such as backpacking, paddling, bike packing, motorcycle/car camping, sailing, or a yoga retreat, Outdoor Herbivore is an excellent choice. And you don't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy our food! Most of our customers are omnivores who appreciate eating delicious food with proper nutrition.

What makes us different

Natural, Whole Food Ingredients. Outdoor Herbivore preserves whole, plant-based foods by a combination of dehydration and freeze-drying. We do not use additives, flavor enhancers, synthetic preservatives, MSG, stabilizers, fillers, sulfites, nitrates, GMO's, or other artificial ingredients—only Real Food.
All Vegetarian. Plant-based dried meals for the health-conscious. Most of our products are vegan. We offer many gluten-free products as well.
Flavor Variety. We season our products with a blend of herbs and spices resulting in flavor variety with less sodium.
Certified Organic Ingredients. We believe organic farming practices are the most responsible method for nurturing our land and body; over 80% of our ingredients are organically grown. We never use GMO ingredients.
No-Cooking and Instant Meals. Easy to prepare dried meals - just add water to the pouch and wait a few minutes for the meal to rehydrate.
Eco Light Packaging. In an effort to reduce our plastic use, meals are packaged in stand-up paper pouches with an inner plastic liner. Pouches have water-tight seals for hot/cold meal rehydration. Minimal yet durable packaging suited for wilderness travel.
Conscientious. Apply responsible business practices that support environmental sustainability, purchase whole food ingredients only from processors we trust, and provide disclosure of all ingredients.

Outdoor Herbivore believes following these practices will help sustain our planet, provide future generations with similar wilderness opportunities, and result in good health and longevity so we can maximize our time here on earth. We hope you enjoy our products!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I hope to see you on the trails with your backpack loaded with good food, and a smile on your face!


Kim Safdy