Backpacking Meal Combo (Weekender)

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  • Seasonal Backpacking Meal Combo
  • Apple Quinoa Oatmeal
  • Hillcrest Harvest Mix
  • Lazy Lentil Salad
  • Basil Walnut Penne
  • Bear Patch Cobbler
  • Apple Quinoa Preparation
  • Basil Walnut Penne Preparation
  • Lazy Lentil Salad Preparation
  • Bear Patch Cobbler Preparation


Try this meal combo for your weekend adventure! Free Shipping when you add this product to your order! A complete 1 day menu of dried meals and trail mix -- perfect for a weekend night on the trail. This kit consist of 3 meals, 1 snack, and 1 dessert for a total of over 2,800 calories. Click on each product to view additional details. Vegan.

Listed Values for Hungry-Single (Serves 1) Meal Size 
Count Meal Menu Requires Boiling Water? Net Weight  (oz.) Calories
1 Breakfast Apple Quinoa Oatmeal N 4


2 Lunch Lazy Lentil Salad N 4.4


3 Snack Hillcrest Harvest Mix N 4


4 Entrée Basil Walnut Penne Y 5


5 Dessert Bear Patch Cobbler N 4


TOTAL 21.4 oz. (607g) and 2,820 kcal (11,799 kJ)
  • Free Shipping.
  • Easy Food Planning when Camping or for an Overnight Trip in the Wilderness.
  • Made in Sunny California. Small-batch production when ingredients are at peak flavor.
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