Backpacking Meal Sampler - Pasta

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  • Cheddar Mac
  • Pesto Presto Matchsticks
  • PeaNutty Matchsticks
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Includes 3 pasta dinners featuring American, Italian, and Thai flavors. Hungry Single (Serves 1 - 2) size packages. Weighs about 1 lb and 1,850 Calories. Vegan.

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PeaNutty Matchsticks - Organic matchstick sized buckwheat noodles with organic peas and mixes vegetables in a Thai peanut sauce. Vegan. 124 Cal/Oz.

Cheddar Mac - Better than cheddar, but without cheese. Creamy flavors of nutritional yeast, parsley, and sun-dried tomato with instant organic wheat pasta. Vegan. 108 Cal/Oz.

Pesto Presto Matchsticks - Organic matchstick sized buckwheat noodles in a creamy basil walnut pesto sauce. Vegan. 125 Cal/Oz.

Dietary Information: All meals are suitable for Vegans

Total: 1,850 calories, 15.2 oz

Storage Life
12 - 18 Months

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