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  • Dehydrated Organic Dried Tomato Flakes
  • Dehydrated Organic Dried Tomato Flakes
  • Organic Dried Tomato Flakes Nutritional
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Diced organic tomatoes that are washed, diced, and dehydrated. Perfect for trail recipes, including soup mixes, spaghetti sauce, and pasta meals. This 6 oz. package contains 3 cups of dried tomato which is equivalent to about 4 cups of fresh tomato. To reconstitute tomato, add an equal amount of hot or cold water and reconstitute 6 - 8 minutes in hot water or 15 minutes in cold water. These tomatoes are also great for adding zesty flavor as a pizza topping.

Bulk Organic Dried Tomato Flakes (Makes 3 cups)
Prepared Size: about 1 cup | Requires: Water (Hot or cold) | Ready In: 10 Mins
Net Wt.: 6 oz. (170g) | Packaged Wt.: 6.3 oz (179g)
80 | Calories/100g: 282
Nutrition Per 1 oz. (28g) or 1/2 DriedCalories: 80 kcal (335 kJ)  Fat: 1g  Carbs: 19g  Protein: 4g  Sodium: 35mg
Preparation: Measure 1 part tomato to 1 part hot water. Bring water to a boil, stir in tomatoes, turn off heat, keep covered and let stand 6 - 8 minutes. Can also be prepared with cold water. Cold water rehydrates in about 15 minutes.
Ingredients: Organic dried red tomatoes
Allergens: None
Dietary: Vegan | No Gluten
Storage Life: 18 - 36 Months
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