Trail Sprout Kit

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  • Trail Sprout Kit
  • Trail Sprout Greens (Day 5 of growth)


Do you ever crave fresh foods while backpacking? Our sprout kit includes everything you need to begin growing sprouts while hiking. Kit includes 1 hemp sprout bag with an ultralight carabiner, 1 packet of green sprout seed, 1 packet of beans and peas, plus trail sprouting instructions. 

What is Included

  • Hemp sprout bag made with custom webbed 100% hemp fabric to accommodate the perfect mix of air circulation, light & drainage, keeping sprouts moist without molding. Bag includes drawstring & ultralight carabiner for hanging to your backpack. All bags are hand-sewn in Ohio, USA Size of bag: 6 inches by 8 inches.
  • 4 oz organic sprout seed
  • 4 oz organic sprout beans
  • Sprout Instructions

Can be fully sprouted while on the trail, started at home and carried out to the trail, or used entirely at home.

New to Sprouting?

Grow your own sprouts from seed and eat them after 3-4 days while on the trail. Fresh sprouts are incredibly delicious, and refreshingly crispy.  It is liberating to grow your own garden on your back in the wilderness - try it out!

Sprouts are ideal for long distance backpacking. By weight, sprouts are one of the most nutritious sources of food, takes up little space and weight, requires no cooking, and minimal care.

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