Eat Fresh Foods on the Trail

Interested in eating fresh food on your next long distance hike? Growing your own sprout garden while backpacking is a sensible and convenient way to acquire fresh greens. Sprouting is not only easy to do, but it offers a fantastic respite from packaged foods. If you find yourself craving fresh foods after multiple days of consuming inert cooked food, try sprouting. Sprouts make an ideal side salad, a topping for stews, or to stuff tortilla/bread. There is nothing more satisfying than the crispy, crunchy texture of living greens. By weight, sprouting is one of the most nutritious sources of food. Since it takes up so little space and weight, requires no cooking, and minimal care, it is ideal for carrying out. Read More >>



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Where can you go backpacking or hiking?  Check out these top online resources for finding trails located near major cities. Go and discover the amazing scenery of our planet!





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The earth is filled with amazing scenery. We have added some of our own photos here that we think are just too brilliant to not share. We also have some quotes here that we find to be inspiring or thought provoking. Hope you enjoy!






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