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Positive Nutrition. Our meals are made with freeze-dried and dehydrated organic whole-food ingredients.

More Flavor, Less Sodium. We use a variety of dried herbs and spices for ultimate flavor and less sodium. Meals are packed in small batches when ingredients are at peak flavor. 

Delicious Meals in Minutes. Add water to the pouch and rehydrate for a few minutes. Hot meals are prepared by adding boiling water over the food, and no-cook meals use only cold water.

More Food, Less Waste. Meals are packaged in compact rehydration pouches using minimal plastic. Two generous meal sizes: Hungry Single & Hungry Double. We also have bulk dried foods.

Made in the USA. All products are made, packed, and tested in California. Over 80% of our food originates from North America.


Happy Fella PestoBella

Portabella mushrooms in a creamy basil walnut pesto sauce served with penne pasta. Just add hot water to the pouch, stir and rehydrate for 10 minutes.

Calories: 650 kcal (2720 kJ) | Calories/100g: 510

Prepared Size: 1.5 cups

Requires: Boiling Water

Ready In: 10 Mins

Dietary: Vegan

Net Wt.: 4.5 oz (128g) | Packaged Wt.: 4.9 oz (139g)

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