Dehydrated Pasta Sauce Collection

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  • Summer Tomato Pasta Sauce with Pasta
  • Pesto Herbilicious with Pasta
  • Cheddar Garden Herb with Elbows
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Three dried pasta sauce mixes for pairing with pasta, rice, and other grains. Add the sauce mix to boiled water or prepare it in the included pouch to make a sauce. These dehydrated sauces will add robust flavor to your favorite grain. Each packet will yield approximately 1-2 cups of sauce or enough for 4 cups of noodles/pasta. You will love the flavor and texture of these sauces! Vegan.

The Dehydrated Sauce Collection includes

  1. Summer Tomato Sauce features fresh dried organic summer tomato, flaked lentils for protein, and herbs.  (Qty 1)
  2. "Cheddar" Garden Herb features vegan cheddar, organic sun-dried tomato, and herbs.  (Qty 1)
  3. Pesto Herbilicous features walnuts, basil, garlic, organic tomato, vegan cheese, thyme, and other herbs. (Qty 1)

Preparation: Add contents to boiling hot water and allow to stand. Serve with pasta or vegetables.

Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegans. Summer Tomato Sauce and Pesto Herbilicous do not contain gluten.

Dehydrated Pasta Sauces made with Whole Ingredients

We've taken great care in preparing these healthy, dehydrated sauces without the use of artificial ingredients, coloring agents, syrup solids, and other unhealthy fillers found in commercial pasta sauce packets.

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