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These instant organic pinto bean flakes are fully cooked, dried, and flaked. Use this in your own recipes for making a dip, burrito filler, soup, or add to rice meals. The entire package makes 5 cups or 10 servings of prepared pinto beans. To prepare, add an equal amount beans to boiling water and reconstitute for 5 minutes in hot water. No stove? You can also use cold water and rest 10 minutes. Pinto Beans, like other legumes, are a rich source of complex carbohydrates, which the body slowly digests and uses for energy without spiking blood sugar levels. They are a popular source of vegetarian protein. These beans are grown and produced in the USA.

Instant Pinto Beans (Makes 5 cups)
Prepared Size: 1/2 cup | Requires: Water (Hot or Cold) | Ready In: 5 Mins
Net Wt.: 16 oz (454g) | Packaged Wt.: 16.6 oz (471g)
107 | Calories/100g: 378
Nutrition Per 1.4 oz. or 1/2 cup dry beansCalories: 150 kcal (628 kJ)  Fat: 1g  Carbs: 25g  Protein: 8g  Sodium: 250mg
Preparation: Boil 1 cup of water for every 1 cup of beans. Bring water to a boil, stir in beans, turn off heat, keep covered and let stand 3-5 minutes. Add more water for a thinner consistency. Can also be prepared as no-cook.
Ingredients: Precooked Dried Pinto Bean Flakes*, Salt.  (*Organic)
Allergens: None
Dietary: Vegan | No Gluten
Storage Life: 18 - 36 Months
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