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Outdoor Herbivore


Tired of gnawing on energy bars for breakfast? Set the day right by eating a hearty breakfast. Whether you want a hot bowl of oats, cold muesli cereal, or organic scrambled eggs, Outdoor Herbivore offers a range of energizing breakfast dishes - including vegan & gluten-free.

  • Organic pre-cooked dehydrated quinoa, rolled oats, apples, seeds, and nuts.

    Apple Quinoa Oatmeal ₪20.36

    Our signature hot breakfast cereal made with pre-cooked tricolor quinoa for fast cooking. This super-grain hot cereal has a chewy texture with slightly sweet and nutty flavors. Balanced with premium freeze-dried granny smith...

  • Hot Breakfast Sampler - Denver Veggie Scramble, Apple Quinoa Oatmeal, High Elevation Hot Rice Cereal

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Hot Breakfast ₪57.75

    A sample of 3 of our hot breakfast products. Includes Apple Quinoa Oatmeal, Denver Veggie Scramble, and High Elevation Rice Cereal. Total weight is 12 oz and 1,430 Calories. Vegetarian (Lacto-ovo). Apple Quinoa...

  • Blueberry Maple Crunch with Instant Organic Soy Milk. Prepared as a cold cereal.

    Blueberry Maple Crunch ₪18.66 ₪16.96

    Packed with flavor, crunch, and calories. Whole grain oats, maple brown rice clusters, blueberries, and instant soy milk. Just add water - equally delicious served cold or hot. This breakfast is sure to satisfy. Makes 2...

  • Chia Oat Crunch prepared

    Chia Oat Crunch ₪16.96

    Soaked oats with chunky flavors of banana, walnuts, sunflower, and chia.  A mildly sweet taste packed with calories. The sunflower and walnuts give it some crunch and the chia provides you loads of energy and keeps...

  • CinnaMonkey Chomps

    CinnaMonkey Chomps ₪15.26

    These seriously crunchy baked cinnamon sugar banana chips make an excellent finger food for the trail or your desk drawer. These are also perfect for hurried mornings when you need to eat while hiking. If you...

  • Coconut Chia Peel - a creamy meal mixed with dates, coconut, and banana.

    Coconut Chia Peel ₪20.36

    Creamy flavors of coconut, chia, and banana make this a sweet treat for the backcountry. This is a powerhouse no-cook meal that will replenish and sustain your energy. Makes 1.5 cups per serving. 123 Cal/Oz. Vegan. Gluten...

  • Toasted Sunburst Muesli

    Cold Breakfast Combo ₪49.60

    A sample of 3 of our popular cold (just add water) breakfasts. Includes Toasted Sunburst Muesli, Blueberry Maple Crunch and Chia Oat Crunch. Total weight is 13.2 oz and 1,638 Calories. No Gluten. Vegan. Toasted Sunburst...

  • Organic Dehydrated Eggs and Vegetables Prepared

    Denver Veggie Scramble ₪22.06

    This breakfast is a wonderfully light and refreshing treat when you tire of eating energy bars and cereal. Organic vegetables and herbs combined with dehydrated organic eggs, hashed potatoes, and white cheddar cheese make a...

  • Ginger Chia Gooey Prepared

    Ginger Chia Gooey ₪20.36

    This creamy and aromatic no-cook backpacking meal features flaked coconut, dates and spices. A delicious treat that provides long lasting energy! Makes 1.5 cups per serving. 122 Cal/Oz. Vegan. Meal Size: Hungry-Single...

  • High Elevation Rice Cereal made with Organic Brown Rice Farina, Apples, Raisins and Spices

    High Elevation Rice Cereal ₪16.96

    The cold, snowy mountains inspired this favorite hot breakfast. This hot cereal is made with wholegrain brown rice and packed with fruits and nuts. Creamy, nutty & sweet flavors scented with ginger, cinnamon, &...

  • Pinole Harvest Bowl prepared

    Pinole Harvest Bowl ₪20.36

    New Seasonal Item for Autumn! This hot breakfast porridge features an ancient grain called Pinole, which are toasted corn grits similar to masa harina. Pinole is a staple food of the Tarahumara, a Native American people of...

  • Sunrise Tofu Scramble - made with organic dried tofu

    Sunrise Tofu Scramble ₪20.36

    Finally a vegetable scramble without the eggs or cholesterol! Dried tofu with diced potatoes and mixed vegetables make a great way to start the day. Serve plain or roll in a tortilla for a yummy breakfast burrito! 114 Cal/Oz...

  • Toasted Sunburst Muesli with Instant Organic Soy Milk

    Toasted Sunburst Muesli ₪16.96

    The birds will envy you. Toasted oats, seeds, nuts, fruit and instant soy milk with a pinch of cane sugar give this cold cereal a burst of flavor. Just add the water and enjoy. Makes 2 cups! 119 Cal/Oz. Vegan. Meal Size:...