Meal Sizing

Outdoor Herbivore's meals are available in two sizes - Single and Double. 

  • Hungry Single (serves 1) is a generous individual size serving. The prepared portion averages 1½ cups of food, about 50% larger than other "single" size commercial camp meals. This size is appropriate for most active adults engaging in moderate to strenuous activity. 
  • Hungry Double (serves 2) is our large portion double meal size. It is exactly double the Hungry Single size and the prepared portion averages 3 cups. It will feed two adults engaging in moderate to strenuous activity. A great option for couples, or 1 adult and 2 kids. 
  • Bulk option is available on a limited basis for meals. For bulk ingredients, see our bulk section. Buying in bulk is the perfect option for long distance thru-hikers or groups looking to save money or keep food aside for later use. We also sell reusable boil bags for hikers that prefer to package and make their own meals.

Eco-Friendlier Packaging 

Our packaging is now more functional. As of May 2020, we are updating our packaging to allow for you to add boiling water/cold water to rehydrate. This packaging was previously for food storage only. For hikers that prefer to use actual dishes and utensils for eating, please note that our packaging remains compact. It can be easily poured in a separate container and prepared (outside of the pouch).
We know backpacking meals are expensive, especially those made with organic and less processed ingredients. To make them more affordable for you, we spend less on marketing and glitzy packaging. Instead, we focus on producing higher quality backpacking food with appropriate portions. Bon Appétit!
Vegan Cheddar Mac Packaged
(Hungry Single Meal Size)

cheddar mac hungry single packaging

Vegan Cheddar Mac Prepared
(Hungry Single Meal Size)