Dehydrated Quinoa Bulk (Instant)

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  • Cooked and dried tricolor instant quinoa, a colorful blend of three seeds - golden, red, and black.
  • Tri-color quinoa cooked. Cooked tricolor instant quinoa, a colorful blend of three seeds - golden, red, and black.
  • Instant dehydrated tricolor quinoa nutritional
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Tricolor Instant Dehydrated Quinoa is a colorful blend of three seeds - golden, red, and black for improved flavor and texture. Outdoor Herbivore's quinoa is fully cooked and dehydrated to provide the fastest cooking whole grain quinoa. Make as little or as much as you need. Bring quinoa to a full rolling boil and stand for 5 minutes. Each 14 Oz package makes 6 cups cooked. Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and is a good substitute for rice, pasta, couscous, or oats. Note: White quinoa cooks soft while red & black quinoa seeds will retain their shape, and the "tail" will remain slightly crunchy. We mix our white quinoa with red & black seeds to create a chewy texture.

Instant Organic Quinoa (Makes 6 cups)
Net Wt.: 14 oz. (397g)
Calories/Ounce: 119
Requires: Boiling Water (Cook)
Ready In: 10 Mins
Prepared Size: 1/2 cup dry quinoa (50g) makes 3/4 cup prepared
Nutrition Per 1.5 oz. or 1/2 cup dry quinoa: Calories: 190 kcal  Fat: 3g  Carbs: 33g  Protein: 3g  Sodium: 0mg
Preparation: Cover the desired amount of quinoa with boiling water (1:1 ratio of quinoa to water), and let stand 5 - 8 minutes. 
Ingredients: Whole Grain Tricolor Precooked Dehydrated Quinoa* (*Organic)
Vegan: Yes
Contains Gluten: No; May be suitable for those with gluten sensitivities, but is produced in a facility that does process gluten products. We recommend you not consume this product if you are highly allergic to gluten.
Storage Life: 18 - 24 Months

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