5-Day Backpacking Meal Combo

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  • Berry Chia Zinger
  • CinnaMonkey Chomps
  • Toasted Sunburst Muesli
  • Blueberry Vanilla Crunch
  • Coconut Chia Peel
  • Lazy Lentil Salad
  • Hop Pea Slop
  • Lemony Herb Quinoa Salad
  • Pacific Crest Salad
  • Open Sky Yasai
  • Chickpea Sesame
  • Pesto Presto Matchsticks
  • Switchback Burrito Stuffer
  • Cheesy Sierra Couscous
  • Lemongrass Thai Curry
  • 5 day backpacking meals combo pack
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A complete 5-day menu of backpacking meals consisting of three (3) full meals per day for a total of 15 meals. All breakfasts and lunches require no cooking (just add cold water), making it the perfect option for resupplying on any long-distance hiking trail. All dinner entrees require only boiling water and rehydrate in 10 minutes. The total packaged weight is 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) and 7,910 calories. Click on each product to view additional details. The default combo is vegetarian (contains dairy) but can be made vegan if requested (see below for substitutions).

Listed Values for Hungry-Single (Serves 1) Meal Size  
Count Meal Menu Requires Boiling Water? Net Weight  (oz.) Calories
1 Breakfast Berry Chia Zinger N 2.75 380
2 Breakfast Blueberry Vanilla Crunch N 5 640
3 Breakfast CinnaMonkey Chomps N 5 860
4 Breakfast Toasted Sunburst Muesli N 5 600
5 Breakfast Coconut Chia Peel N 4 500
6 Lunch Hop Pea Slop N 3.4 470
7 Lunch Lazy Lentil Salad N 4.4 540
8 Lunch Lemony Herb Quinoa Salad N 3.5 430
9 Lunch Open Sky Yasai N 2.6 340
10 Lunch Pacific Crest Vinaigrette
N 3 400
11 Entrée Chickpea Sesame Zetti Y 5.1 650
12 Entrée Cheesy Sierra Couscous* Y 3.5 420
13 Entrée Lemongrass Thai Curry Y 4.75 630
14 Entrée Basil Walnut Penne Y 5 660
15 Entrée Switchback Soup or Stuffer* Y 3.5 400
5 DAY TOTAL (Single Size)   60 oz. 7910

*Switchback Stuffer and Cheesy Sierra Couscous contains dairy. If Vegan choice is requested, we'll substitute Naked Freckle Burrito for Switchback Stuffer and Golden Forest Couscous for Cheesy Sierra Couscous.

Will this fit into my bear canister? Approximate food Volume is 510 cubic inches (single) which takes up a little less than 8.5L in volume. This combo is only available in our single meal size.

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About Outdoor Herbivore’s meal sizes. For more information about which meals are good for cold soaking and other details, please see product details sheet

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