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Outdoor Herbivore


Just looking for the vegan products? Here you will find all of Outdoor Herbivore's vegan products. 


Just looking for the vegan products? Here you will find all of Outdoor Herbivore's vegan products. 

  • Instant Organic Brown Rice, Lentils and Indian Spices

    Lickety-Split Lentils $6.49

    This spiced legume dish will refresh your energy and palate. Features lentils, brown rice, vegetables, and Indian spices. Made with instant brown rice grown in the U.S.A. Makes 2 cups per serving. 114 Cal/Oz. Vegan. Meal...

  • Naked Freckle UNBurrito Meal

    Naked Freckle Burrito $6.49

    Black beans, brown rice and zest! A customer favorite! Use this mix by itself, in a tortilla, as a soup, or as a dip for chips/crackers. Made with instant brown rice grown in California. Makes 2 cups per serving. 104 Cal/Oz...

  • Pacific Crest Vinaigrette

    Pacific Crest Vinaigrette $5.99

    New! This is the answer to a fresh salad on the trail. Just add water and allow to hydrate 5 minutes. Made with CA grown freeze-dried broccoli, slivered almonds, plump sweet cranberries and raisins marinated in a zesty...

  • PeaNutty Matchsticks

    Pea-Nutty Matchsticks $6.49

    Organic buckwheat noodles (matchstick sized) served with organic green peas & chopped vegetables in a chunky peanuty thai sauce. Vegan. Makes 2 cups. 118 Cal/Oz. Meal Size: Hungry-Single (Serves 1 - 2)Net...

  • Pesto Herbilicious

    Pesto Herbilicous Spread $4.99

    Smear this spread on tortilla, bread, crackers, sandwiches, pasta, noodles, or potatoes.  Add more olive oil for a dipping oil. A herbilicous backwoods delight! Makes 1/4 cup per serving as a spread or 1 cup...

  • Pesto Presto Matchsticks Prepared

    Pesto Presto Matchsticks $6.49

    Organic matchstick sized buckwheat noodles in a creamy basil walnut pesto sauce. Vegan. Makes 1.5 cups. 125 Cal/Oz. Meal Size: Hungry-Single (Serves 1 - 2)Net Wt: 5.2 oz...

  • Pinole Harvest Bowl prepared

    Pinole Harvest Bowl $5.99

    New Seasonal Item for Autumn! This hot breakfast porridge features an ancient grain called Pinole, which are toasted corn grits similar to masa harina. Pinole is a staple food of the Tarahumara, a Native American people of...

  • Gluten Free 'Cheddar' Mac Prepared

    Quinoa 'Cheddar' Mac (Gluten Free) $6.49

    Better than cheddar, but without cheese and gluten-free! Creamy flavors of nutritional yeast, parsley, and sun dried tomato with quick-cook pasta made from a blend of organic quinoa & corn flour. Similar to our...

  • Vegetable Quinoa Soup

    Quinoa Vegetable Soup $5.99

    This warming, satisfying backpacking vegetable soup is a meal in itself. Loaded with vegetables, flaked quinoa and black beans in a lightly spiced tomato vegetable broth. Grab a mug and start sipping! Makes 2 cups...

  • Savory Lentil Simmer prepared

    Savory Lentil Simmer $5.99

    A hearty lentil backpacking soup with a chock full of dehydrated veggies and flaked coconut lends this dish a savory aroma and yummy taste. Makes 1.5+ cups per serving. 122 Cal/Oz. Vegan.  Meal Size: Hungry-Single...

  • Cocoa Nutty Chomps

    Snack Sampler $14.99

    A sample of 3 of our most popular snacks for the trail - Ginger Berry Fusion, Cocoa Nutty Chomps, and Chili Lime Crunchies.  Ginger Berry Fusion -  Freeze dried blueberries, dusted cinnamon coconut...

  • Tomato Sauce with Pasta

    Summer Tomato Sauce $4.99

    Our dehydrated pasta sauce features fresh dried summer tomato, vegetables, and herbs. Use as a marinara sauce for your favorite pasta. One package makes 3 cups of sauce. Includes one organic Olive Oil packet, salt &...

  • Sunny Sunflower Salad

    Sunny Sunflower Salad $5.99

    Updated for 2018! A bolder blend of seasonings tossed with yellow sweet corn, sunflower seeds, flaked black beans & bell peppers. Works well as a spread for flat bread or crackers. Makes 1 cup per serving. No cooking...

  • Sunrise Tofu Scramble - made with organic dried tofu

    Sunrise Tofu Scramble $5.99

    Finally a vegetable scramble without the eggs or cholesterol! Dried tofu with diced potatoes and mixed vegetables make a great way to start the day. Serve plain or roll in a tortilla for a yummy breakfast burrito! 114 Cal/Oz...

  • Toasted Sunburst Muesli with Instant Organic Soy Milk

    Toasted Sunburst Muesli $4.99

    The birds will envy you. Toasted oats, seeds, nuts, fruit and instant soy milk with a pinch of cane sugar. This cereal is packed with flavor and calories to get you going in the morning. Enjoy either hot or cold. Makes...

  • Waldorf Slaw prepared

    Waldorf Slaw $5.99

    This refreshing fruit and nut slaw is made with eggless dressing. Just add cold water to the mix, stir, and enjoy! 141 Cal/Oz. No Cook. Vegan. Gluten Free. Meal Size: Hungry-Single (Serves 1 - 2)Net Wt: 5 oz...

  • Open Sky Yasai

    Open Sky Yasai $5.99

    New! Yasai means vegetables in Japanese which was the inspiration for this savory no cook cold stir fry. Chock full of vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, peas, and carrots marinated in ginger sesame vinaigrette. At 130...

  • Vegan Cheddar Mac Prepared

    'Cheddar' Mac $5.99

    Better than cheddar, but without cheese. Creamy flavors of nutritional yeast, parsley, and sun-dried tomato with durum wheat elbow pasta.  A vegan favorite! Makes 1.5 cups. Vegan.  Meal Size...

  • Tricolor Quinoa, a colorful blend of three seeds - golden, red, and black.

    Instant Quinoa and Dried Sauces $22.49

    Instant Dehydrated Pre-cooked Tricolor Quinoa with 1 packet of our Pesto Herbilicous Spread and 1 packet of Baja Black Bean. Cook quinoa as needed with these two different seasonings packets. Total weight is 18.2. Vegan...

  • AppalaChia prepared

    AppalaChia $5.99

    You don't have to be on the East Coast to enjoy this version of Appalachia. The pairing of apple and chia tastes like homemade apple pie pudding. Bursting with pulsed dried apples, cinnamon spice, and chewy raisins. Just add...