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Outdoor Herbivore


Just looking for the vegan products? Here you will find all of Outdoor Herbivore's vegan products. 


Just looking for the vegan products? Here you will find all of Outdoor Herbivore's vegan products. 

  • Golden Forest Couscous

    Golden Forest Couscous CHF5.99

    New! The leaves are turning gold as the air is getting cold. This couscous dish will warm you up and brighten your day. Featuring organic durum wheat couscous in a non-dairy cheddar sauce with...

  • A creamy dark chocolate mocha pudding

    Midnight Mocha Chia CHF5.99

    New and Improved! Our restorative dark chocolate dessert is now made with instant cold brew coffee and creamed coconut. Enjoy this as a delicious hot mocha drink or prepare with cold water to make a decadent dark...

  • Toasted Sunburst Muesli

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Cold Breakfast CHF14.59

    A sample of 3 of our popular cold (just add water) breakfasts. Includes Toasted Sunburst Muesli, Blueberry Maple Crunch and Chia Oat Crunch. Total weight is 13.2 oz and 1,638 Calories. No Gluten. Vegan. Toasted Sunburst...

  • Apple Quinoa Oatmeal

    3-Day Backpacking Meal Combo CHF50.99

    Revised for 2019. A complete 3-day supply of dehydrated backpacking meals consisting of three (3) full meals per day. Total Weight is 41 oz and 5,172 Calories (Hungry Single) or 83 oz and 10,244 calories (Hungry Double)...

  • Coconut Chia Peel

    5-Day Backpacking Meal Combo (GF Vegan) CHF81.99

    Updated for 2017 - lunch meals are all no cook! A complete 5-day supply of dehydrated meals consisting of three (3) full meals per day. Total weight is 4 lbs and 7,500+ calories (Hungry Single) or 8 lbs and 15,000+ calories...

  • High Elevation Rice Cereal

    7-Day Backpacking Meal Combo (Vegan) CHF129.99

    Recently revised for more no cook lunches. Our complete 7-day supply of dehydrated meals consisting of three (3) full meals per day, plus one dessert/hot mocha a total of 22 meals. Total weight is 5.8 lbs...

  • Organic baked quinoa, rolled oats, apples, seeds, and nuts.

    Apple Quinoa Oatmeal CHF5.99

    Our signature hot breakfast cereal has been updated for 2018. It is now made with baked red quinoa which makes it possible to eat cold-soaked or hot. This super-grain cereal has a chewy texture with slightly sweet and nutty...

  • AppalaChia

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Chia CHF21.99

    Backpacking without a stove? Try this sample of 4 of our no-cook, high-calorie chia meals. Just add water - each meal fully hydrates in cold water in 10 minutes. Total weight is 16.2 oz and 1,826 Calories. Vegan. Includes 1...

  • Apple Quinoa Oatmeal

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Day (Vegan, GF) CHF18.99

    A sample of 3 of our best selling meals - Apple Quinoa Oatmeal, Blackened Quinoa and Lemongrass Thai Curry.  Total weight is 14.15 oz and 1,745 Calories. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Each meal fully hydrates in boiling hot...

  • LIckety-Split Lentils

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Hot Trio CHF18.99

    A sample of 3 of our popular dried camp meals - Basil Walnut Penne, Lickety Split Lentils, and Blackened Quinoa. Total weight is 15.6 oz and 1,877 Calories. Vegan. Each of these hot meals includes a different wholegrain...

  • Cheddar Mac

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Pasta CHF18.69

    Includes 3 pasta dinners featuring American, Italian, and Thai flavors. Hungry Single (Serves 1 - 2) size packages. Total weight is 15.6 oz and 1,778 Calories. Vegan. Click on each product to view additional details...

  • Thai Lemongrass Curry

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Rice CHF18.99

    Includes 3 rice dinners made with U.S. grown brown rice (precooked & dehydrated for instant cooking) featuring Thai, Indian and Latin flavors. Hungry Single (Serves 1 - 2) size packages. Total weight is 14.35 oz and...

  • Savory Lentil Simmer

    Backpacking Meal Sampler - Soups CHF17.99

    A sample of 3 of our one-pot backpacking soup mixes - Chunky Chipotle Chili, Savory Lentil Simmer & Quinoa Vegetable Soup.  Total weight is 11 oz and 1,252 Calories. Vegan. Soups are made with freeze-dried and...

  • Baja Bean Chip Dip

    Baja Black Bean Flakes CHF2.99

    Looking for a healthier sauce for noodles, rice or quinoa? Don't want the MSG flavor packet? This medium spicy organic sauce features real whole foods, spices and herbs to deliver flavor. Made with flaked black beans, bell...

  • Basil Walnut Penne

    Basil Walnut Penne CHF6.49

    Crushed basil & walnut sauce tossed with whole wheat penne. Rich in flavor & Omega-3 Oils. This dish is full of calories and taste! Makes 2 cups per serving. 131 Cal/Oz. Vegan. Meal Size: Hungry-Single (Serves...

  • Berry Chia Zinger Prepared

    Berry Chia Zinger CHF5.99

    New! This aromatic no-cook backpacking meal is bursting with tart sweetness and gingery zing to awaken your senses. Featuring chia seed with flaked coconut, cranberries, and ginger chunks. A delicious breakfast or snack...

  • Blackened Quinoa Prepared - made with Instant Organic Quinoa, Flaked Black Beans and Vegetables.

    Blackened Quinoa CHF6.49

    Now made with precooked and dehydrated Quinoa for faster cooking! A spicy, smoked blend of seasonings tossed with quinoa, vegetables and black beans. Tasty when eaten hot or cold. If you have never eaten quinoa, this dish is...

  • Blackened Quinoa Salad

    Blackened Quinoa Salad CHF5.99

    New! This cold salad features crisped baked quinoa, freeze dried sweet corn & spiced black bean flakes. Our same recipe as our hot Blackened Quinoa in a salad form. Makes about 1.25 cups per serving. 124 Cal/Oz...

  • Blueberry Maple Crunch with Instant Organic Soy Milk. Prepared as a cold cereal.

    Blueberry Maple Crunch CHF4.99

    Packed with flavor, crunch, and calories. Whole grain oats, maple brown rice clusters, blueberries, and instant soy milk. Just add water - equally delicious served cold or hot. This breakfast is sure to satisfy. Makes 2...

  • cheddar garden herb sauce served with whole wheat elbow pasta

    Cheddar Garden Herb CHF4.99

    A “cheesy” sauce with sun dried tomato & fresh dried summer herbs is perfect over pasta or potatoes. One packet makes 2+ cups of sauce. Vegan. Net Wt: 4.3 oz (122g)Calories/Ounce:...